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Quick Guide to Enable Netgear Orbi 960 Auto Firmware Update

Do you own a Netgear Orbi 960 mesh WiFi system? Do you ignore its firmware update notifications often, but unintentionally? If your head is moving up and down instead of left and right, then we have a solution for you. Why don’t you consider enabling the auto firmware update feature on your system? Well, in case you are wondering how that can be done, know that we are here at your service. Below, you will find a breakdown of steps following which enabling Netgear Orbi 960 auto firmware update will become a piece of cake for you. Read on.

How to Enable Netgear Orbi 960 Auto Firmware Update?

For your information, our technical experts are always available to help out users who face issues where their Netgear Orbi devices. With our fingers crossed, we hope that you do not have the same fate. But, in case you still do, it is recommended that you contact our experts without thinking twice.

1. Turn On the Netgear Orbi 960

You should start the process by plugging into your Netgear Orbi 960 mesh WiFi system into a wall socket. See to it that that wall socket has no damages. Once you have assured this, switch on the power button. Soon, you will see that the LED has turned solid. If it does, then it means your device is getting proper electricity.

2. Connect the WiFi Devices

Right after the plugging in the system, you need to connect the devices. In other words, connect the Netgear Orbi 960 with the modem. You can do this with the assistance of two methods. The first one requires you to use a wire and the second demands the use of wireless source. If you need our opinion, we would like you to opt for a wired source. That way, the connection between your devices will be secure.

3. Sync the Netgear Orbi Devices

Do you remember the moment when you brought your Netgear Orbi 960 mesh WiFi system? Well, a satellite would have come along with it. The time has come to make use of it. Plug the Orbi satellite into a wall socket. Hit the power button.

Once the satellite turns on, press the Sync button on it. Done? Well done! Now, you are required to follow the same step in the case of your Netgear Orbi 960. Wait for some time after that. Your devices will take a couple of seconds to get synced properly.

4. Open an Internet Browser

As soon as your Orbi devices have synced, you need to turn on your computer. Thereafter, open an internet browser on it. Do not forget to use an updated version of the internet browser. If you do not follow this precaution, you will yourself become the reason behind the technical issues that you will face in the future.

5. Access

In the address bar of your web browser, you need to fill in the default web address. You can copy the web address from the very subheading of this section and paste it in the URL field or address bar. Once you are done doing that, press the Enter key. This is when the Netgear router login page will reve6al.

6. Perform Netgear Orbi Login

The username field on the login page will demand the Netgear Orbi 960 username and the password field will do the same for the password. Thus, enter the required details. Once you are done, click on the Log In button. Before you even know it, the BASIC Home screen will appear.

7. Enable Auto Firmware Update

On the BASIC Home screen, some options will come into view. From them, click on the ‘Advanced’ option. Click on the Administration option, and then, the Router Update tab. Now, click on the Enable radio button. Doing so will enable the Netgear Orbi 960 auto firmware update feature for you. Click on the Apply button and hold on for some time.

In Conclusion

Enabling the Netgear Orbi 960 auto firmware update feature is an excellent way to keep the firmware of your device updated. Whenever your device needs an update, through this feature, it will automatically get updated without demanding labor work from your end.

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