Informational Guide to Solve Netgear Firmware Rollback Issue

Many users have been complaining recently that they are stuck with the Netgear firmware rollback issue. If you are also standing in the queue, then it is a good thing that Google sent you to this blog. Here, we have covered every troubleshooting hack that you can implement to fix the issue at hand. Thus, consider not waiting anymore and read on.

[Solved] Netgear Firmware Rollback Issue

Before you get down to the troubleshooting tips, it is recommended that you avoid reading them just for the sake of it. Take time to resolve the issue at hand. Or else, instead of fixing it, you might unintentionally make it bigger.

Check the Internet Connection

One of the biggest reasons why people owning technical devices out there experience issues is because of a weak internet connection. There is a very possibility that you are facing the Netgear firmware rollback issue because of the same reason.

You need to understand that the speed of your internet connection depends on one thing, i.e. how well your networking devices have been connected. For example, if your devices are connected properly, the internet speed will be up to the mark; however, if the extender and router are not connected properly, then the internet speed will lag.

Considering you are stuck with the Netgear firmware rollback issue, it is obvious that the first scenario is true. Therefore, take care of this thing that the connection your networking devices have is finger-tight. If you have connected them wirelessly, change that right away.

After following this hack, check if the Netgear firmware rollback issue persists. It does? It looks like something else is behind the issue. Worry not. We are just getting started. Below, you will find more troubleshooting hacks that will help you out.

Bring the WiFi Devices Closer

Too much distance separating your networking devices can also cause the Netgear firmware rollback issue. Thus, check how far the extender is placed from the router. If the distance is more than it is required, then it is advised that you pull your devices closer.

But, see to it that they are not clinging. Otherwise, do you know what will happen? Their wireless signals will clash and force you to get stuck with much bigger technical issues.

Eliminate WiFi Interference

Where have you placed your Netgear wireless range extender? Is it kept in a room that is providing room for smart home appliances? Wondering what all examples come under smart home appliances? Well, cellular phones, washing machines, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and refrigerators are some examples.

These appliances emit electromagnetic waves. And these waves can easily mess with the signals of your extender thereby stopping you from rolling back the firmware.

So, what to do in order to take care of this? Well, it’s simple. You just need to change the area where your extender is located right now. It should also be kept away from reflexive surfaces. Their examples include mirrors and fish tanks.

Remove Viruses

Did none of the given hacks help you to fix the Netgear firmware rollback issue? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should run a virus scan on your system right away. Chances are that it is infected with viruses.

If the results of the virus scan say the same thing, then you should install an antivirus application or software on your system immediately. FYI, performing background activities on your system while the software is getting installed will interrupt it. Thus, make sure that you do close tabs or play online games while the software is getting installed.

Contact Your ISP

Last, but not least, you should try getting in touch with your Internet Service Provider. Perhaps, you did nothing wrong, but he did. After reaching out to him, if he agrees with the same thing, then without getting rude, you should give him some time to make things right from his end.

Done following all these troubleshooting hacks? Very good! Now, check if the Netgear firmware rollback has gotten off your back this time or not.

Wrapping Up

The Netgear firmware rollback issue has ruined the internet-usage experience of more than ninety percent of Netgear extender users. Considering you are also standing in the lot, we are hoping with our fingers crossed that the hacks given above helped you out.

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