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Why Am I Unable to Update Firmware on Orbi?

If you want to improve the performance of the Orbi whole-home WiFi mesh system, you need to perform a firmware update on the device. Or if you are getting any issues with the Orbi system like the Orbi satellite not connecting or getting very poor WiFi signals from the Orbi, then also a firmware update will help. A firmware update will also help in fixing bugs and adding new features to the device. So firmware updates are very important. But in case you are unable to update your Orbi, then you are keeping your device away from all these advantages. We have come up with this article which will help you fix the issue and help you in getting the latest firmware installed on your Orbi. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

How to Fix Orbi Firmware Update Failure?

Reboot the Orbi

Unable to update firmware on Orbi? Perform a reboot. This is a simple yet effective solution to fix many minor and major issues with technical devices. Moreover, there are no side effects to this process. Isn’t it great? So, without giving it a second thought, perform the reboot process. How? By using the instructions given ahead:

1. Get near the Orbi router.

2. Toggle the power button on it to turn it off.

3. Unplug it from the wall outlet.

4. Move to the satellite now.

5. Turn it off as well.

6. Unplug this also from the wall socket.

7. Do the same with all the satellites.

8. Let the devices take some rest.

9. Connect the power cables of all the Orbi devices to their respective wall outlets.

10. Toggle their power buttons to turn them on.

The instant after the Orbi satellite and router are powered up, try to update the firmware using the correct instructions. Are you still failing to execute the steps? Try the next hack.

Download the Correct File

If you are trying to update the firmware on your Orbi using the manual process, then you must have downloaded firmware files for the router as well as the satellite. Make it very certain that you have downloaded the correct file on your PC. This firmware is different for different Orbi models. So if you try to install the wrong file on your device you will fail in completing the task. We want you to download the correct firmware file meant for the Orbi model that you own and then again try to install it on the Orbi devices. It is recommended that you first update the Orbi satellite and then the router. If you are unable to update Orbi even now, then proceed toward the next hack.

Reset Orbi

It looks like the firmware on the Orbi is corrupted already. So you need to reset your Orbi to the factory values. Reset it and then again set it up from scratch. Now update the firmware on it using the correct steps as given in the user manual. Make sure that the power supply and the internet connection to the Orbi devices are optimum.

Wrapping Up

We are sure that after resetting and setting up Orbi again, the firmware will be updated to the latest version without any hassle.

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