Two Easy Methods to Perform Printer Setup

Two Easy Methods to Perform Printer Setup

Printers have quickly become the most important home office tool, and their configuration has been significantly streamlined over the years. While most printers are set up automatically, and some need to be installed with accurate steps that is the most difficult part. If you are facing issues with performing the printer setup in your home, then don’t worry. Here we will tell you about the easy-to-follow steps to configure the printer in no time. Once you learn how to do it, you can even enable your printer to allow you to print from anywhere in the world. Keep reading!

Before we explain how to set up a printer, we want to first talk about the things you need beforehand. If you know what you need, setting up the printer will be quick and easy.

Important Things You Need for Printer Setup

Here’s a list of important things you’ll need while setting up the printer. We’re mentioning this so that installing the printer becomes easy.

  • Working internet connection from your network device.
  • A wall outlet that gives steady power.
  • Good quality USB cable to connect the printer.
  • A device like a phone, computer, or laptop.
  • The Wi-Fi password for your network.

These are the things you must have ready. Once you’ve got them all, you can move forward. Now, we’ll explain the two methods to set up the printer in the next parts.

Methods to Set Up Printer

There are two ways most people use to set up their printer. These methods are called the wired method and the wireless method. You can pick the one you like. We’ll give you a brief idea about both methods to help you choose.

Wireless Method: In this method, you’ll need to access your computer’s settings. Then, go to the printer settings and follow the instructions you see on the screen to set up the printer.

Wired Method: For this method, you just need a USB cable that comes with the printer. Plug the cable into both the printer and your computer.

Now you know about both ways to set up a printer. If you want detailed steps for these methods, you can read the next sections.

Wired Printer Setup

Step 1: Unbox with Care

  • Start by gently unboxing your printer.
  • Keep the packaging materials handy in case you need to move or store the printer later.

Step 2: Power it Up

  • Find a suitable spot for your printer near an electrical outlet.
  • Plug in the power cord and turn on the printer using the power button.

Step 3: Open Windows Setting

  • First of all open the window settings by clicking on the window ICON that is located left the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you should see a gear icon linking to your settings window.
  • Click on it and proceed further.

Step 4: Insert USB

  • Now take the USB in your hand.
  • Insert it into the computer as well as in the printer.

Step 5: Access Devices

  • Look for the icon labeled “Devices”.
  • Now you need to, select “Printers & Scanners”.
  • The new page will open where the first option will be to “Add Printer or Scanner”.

Step 6: Connect Your Printer

  • Once you’ve clicked “Add Printer or Scanner,” Windows should be able to detect your printer connected via a USB cable.
  • Now you will see the name of your printer. Here you need to select it and wait until the device is connecting to your device.

That’s it! Your printer should be connected and running, ready to churn out beautiful pages.

Printer Setup via Wireless Mode

Step 1: Access Settings

  • On the printer’s display panel, find the “Settings” or “Setup” option. Look for a wireless or network setup wizard.

Step 2: Choose Wi-Fi Network

  • Select your WiFi network from the list. Enter your WiFi password when prompted. The printer will connect to the network.

Step 3: Software Installation

  • If you haven’t installed the printer software, do it now. The software will locate your printer on the network and finish the setup.
  • That’s it your printer setup has been successfully done. Now you can use your printer.


Setting up your printer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these easy methods, you’ll be printing your favorite photos and documents in no time.

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