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Thorough Guide on Top 10 Wireless Technology Trends in 2022

WiFi technology has grown tremendously if you take a look at the last few years. Starting from drones, and robots to self-driven vehicles, new devices have come into existence. In this blog, we have talked about some of the topmost wireless technology trends that have not just made their place in the top 10 but have also managed to change the way organizations as well as people interact. Thus, go through this 5-minute read.

What are the Top 10 Wireless Technology Trends?

1. WiFi

WiFi, of course, has successfully continued to stay for a long time and according to how much people all across the globe have been using it, it will remain the primary choice in high-performance network technology for homes and offices in the future.

2. SDR

Software Defined Radio or SDR technology is known to enable radio to support a wide range of frequencies as well as protocols. Signal processing in radio systems would shift to software from chips with the help of this brilliant technology.

You might be thinking that this technology is new. Well, guess what? It isn’t. It has been available for quite some time now but has never taken off. The reason being, it is a little expensive as compared to using chips.

3. Backscatter Networking

You might have noticed how a lot of power consumption happens when the data is sent. Well, backscattering networking is the solution to that. Data can be sent at very low power consumption with the help of this technology.

This technology is perfect for smaller networking devices. It is especially good for apps where the WiFi signals are in a sopping state and there is a desperate need for sensors.

4. Wireless Sensing

The main purpose of sensing is the absorption of WiFi signals. This technology is usually used in the internal systems of drones as well as robots. Virtual assistants cans also use this technology in order to enhance their performance.

5. 5G

In larger sites such as factories and airports, 5G has acted as an add-on to supplement WiFi technology as more cost-effective. But, the bad news is that 5G is still in the development stage and it will fully come into action after about five to eight years.

As of now, most providers are focused on the selling of 5G but in the near future, 5G will be introduced in areas of IoT.

6. Long Range Wireless Power

There is no doubt about the fact that cable connectivity is preferred by users over wireless connectivity. But, the latest technologies can charge devices at ranges up to one meter. In some cases, the range can also go even over a table.

Eventually, long-range wireless will completely ban the need for power cable from the following appliances and devices:

  • Laptops
  • Display Monitors
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Long-range wireless will also eliminate the need for cables from home utility systems.

7. V2X

Self-driving cars as well as conventional cars need to have contact with each other and the infrastructure of the road. V2X or Vehicle-to-everything wireless enabled this integration. Apart from that, V2X wireless will provide an add-on band of other services.

Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Infotainment
  • Navigation Support
  • Safety Capabilities

In the future, one thing is for sure V2X wireless systems will be the legal requirements for the vehicle or automobile industry.

8. Wireless Location Tracking

If you keep yourself updated with the latest technology, then you might be aware that advanced tracking of devices is enabled by the IEEE 802.11az standard. It is a feature of 5G networks. You ought to know that location is an important thing required in a number of business areas like IoT applications, etc.

9. Millimeter Wave Wireless

Millimeter wave wireless operates at frequencies. These frequencies range from 30 to 300 gigahertz. This technology will be used for high bandwidth communications, short-range 5G, and last, but not least, WiFi.

10. LPWA

Known as low power wide area networks, LPWA is a long-term evolution for machines and covers large areas such as big cities as well as huge countries.


With that, we are concluding our guide written on the top 10 wireless technology trends in 2022. If you want to more about similar technologies, get in touch with our professionals.

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