Here’s Why You Should Get an Orbi WiFi 6E Mesh System

Looking to expand the WiFi coverage in your house? Why don’t you consider purchasing a Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi 6E system? With 10.8Gbps WiFi speed to share and exceptional features, it is ruling the charts as well as millions of hearts. Do you want to know about those features? Well, you’ve bumped into the right post. Here, you will get acquainted with all the Orbi WiFi 6E key features and learn why it is worth investing in. So, let’s get going.

Orbi WiFi 6E – Key Features

Since Orbi quad-band mesh WiFi 6E system is equipped with the latest WiFi 6E technology, it facilitates its users with all cutting-edge features. WiFi 6E technology allows access to a new 6GHz wireless band making which makes the Orbi WiFi 6E mesh system an outstanding device. Given below are some of the Orbi WiFi 6E key features:

More Channels

WiFi 6E extends the sphere and bandwidth improvements of WiFi 6 technology and adds a 6Ghz band. This new band is much broader than the previous frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz). What makes the Orbi WiFi 6E mesh system standalone is the availability of fourteen 80MHz or seven 160MHz wireless channels. It means no lags while playing Call of Duty or streaming your favorite Netflix series. And yes, your work won’t suffer due to a buffering Zoom call.

Less Interference

Less network congestion is another feature that has maintained its name in the list of topmost Orbi WiFi 6E key features. Being a newly introduced band, the 6GHz wireless band is exclusively for devices supporting WiFi 6E technology. It means there will be only fewer devices accessing the 6GHz frequency band thereby reducing network congestion and WiFi interference. Applications demanding higher bandwidth and low latency run smoothly without competing for bandwidth when accessed with the 6GHz frequency band.

Enhanced Security

Security has always been a challenge when it comes to networking. With the introduction of the WiFi 6E technology, WiFi Protected Access (WPA) 3 has become compulsory for all devices supporting the 6GHz band. FYI, WiFi 6E utilizes the latest authentication protocols which make the internet traffic more secure than ever thereby making it difficult for hackers to breach its security.

So, these were the differentiating features of Orbi WiFi 6E mesh system. Now, let’s make you aware of its other features.

Orbi WiFi 6E – Other Features

Orbi quad-band mesh WiFi 6E system is engineered to cater to the requirement of a hyper-fast internet connection on devices. Therefore, Netgear has left no stone unturned in order to make it unique and easy to manage. The mesh WiFi system consists of a router unit and two satellites to deliver a stellar WiFi performance. Just install your router within the range of your modem and satellite in that of the router, and you will experience the most unprecedented WiFi speed in every corner. Here are the features that support the Orbi WiFi 6E key features to make it an outperforming device:

Turbocharged Quad-Band

The Quad-band technology utilizes a dedicated frequency band to connect the Orbi router and satellites. This ensures that you are getting blazing-fast speeds delivered to your IoT devices.

Easy Setup

Coming to the most important factor- the setup. Installation is the first thing that strikes our mind whenever we think about purchasing a networking device. But, setting up a Netgear Orbi WiFi 6E mesh system is like a cakewalk. You need not get hold of a Ph.D. degree in order to make your device up and running. The only thing you need is a mobile device with the Orbi app installed on it. After the registration of the device, only a few on-screen prompts are to be followed and you’re done.

Final Words

Achieving ultra-fast internet speeds has been a dream for many netizens. But, with an Orbi WiFi 6E mesh WiFi system, you can harness all its features to get a high-speed internet connection. Now, we hope that after knowing all the Orbi WiFi 6E key features, you will be planning to install it in your house.

If yes, then don’t wait. Welcome home a brand new Orbi WiFi 6E mesh system and make the most out of it after completing the installation process.

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