Why Are Macbooks Not Touchscreen: Short Guide for Beginners

Why Are Macbooks Not Touchscreen: Short Guide for Beginners

Do you want to gain knowledge regarding why Macbooks are not touchscreen? Well, with Google’s grace, you have landed on the right post. In this blog, we have talked about why Macbooks are not touchscreen in detail. Apart from that, we have also talked about if Apple is going to add the touchscreen to Macbook or not. Thus, get down to reading this instant.

Reasons Why Are Macbooks Not Touchscreen

Well, the biggest reason why Macbooks are not touchscreen is because Apple is currently focusing on indirect input with their Macs. A Macbook is mainly designed for indirect input whereas the interface of the touchscreen is completely left to the iPad.

Furthermore, iPads are operating systems that are designed best to be used with a touchscreen. This is because an iPad’s shape is easier to touch and its icons are bigger. Apart from that, it includes an on-screen keyboard.

In the case of Macbooks, they are created to keep your hands in one particular area just like mobile phones. They are equipped with a touchpad. Additionally, you are completely safe from getting your screen dirty with the prints of your fingers.

Now that you have become aware of why Macbooks do not have a touchscreen, it is time to learn whether Apple will add one to them or not. For that, continue reading this post.

Will Apple Add Touchscreen to Macbooks?

There are several Apple customers all across the globe that have been wondering only one thing for a long time, i.e. why has Apple not added a touchscreen to Macbooks especially since Chromebooks are equipped with this feature.

When Apple was directly asked regarding this query, all that was stated was that the company has always focused on indirect input for Macbooks. And they do not have any particular reason to change this structure.

iPad is the Reason

Who makes one of the best touch computers globally? Well, Apple does and this is available on their iPads as well. Considering it is optimized, the iPad is left for direct input through a touchscreen. For a few years, Macbook is not associated with inconvenience and is just as easy to use as Windows computers.

Know that touchscreens do not add that much value, especially when you have a Trackpad that consists of some brilliant hand multi-touch gestures. But, the good news is Apple is planning to stick to its plans. That can be noticed in the latest 14-inch models.

What is the Future of Touchscreen Macbook?

Although nobody can be certain about what might or might not happen in the future, it is unlikely for Apple to release Macbooks computers that have a touchscreen. There is no power in that world that can shake the belief system of Apple. Apple is standing firm on it that as compared to Macbook, the iPad is most suitable for touchscreen functionalities.

Also, Apple has made it clear the touchscreen does not work well on Macbooks. Thus, there is no point in creating Macbooks with touchscreen.

What Other Features Do Macbooks Lack?

You might be curious to know, apart from no touchscreen, what are the other features that are not inbuilt in Macbooks. Well, we have talked about them below:

1. Face ID

As you read above, Apple is not in the mood to add a touchscreen to Macbooks. The bad news is that apart from that, it has refused to add Face ID to Macbooks computers.

“Face ID is not ideal for laptops considering your hands are on the keyboard and you are free to touch the fingerprint sensor.” stated Apple. This one statement has received a lot of criticism from customers as Face ID is used by literally everyone these days.

2. Gaming

In the 21st century, gaming has become one of the biggest industries that the young generation has turned to. But, the question is, why aren’t various games available on Apple devices?

Well, the very first and the most obvious reason is that game developers have not developed them for MAC operating systems. Apple does not see the value of adding games considering a majority of the customers who buy Macs don’t purchase them for gaming.

Another major reason why various games are not available on Apple devices is because Apple computers do not have the most powerful GPUs. GPU s is the main component that is required for a game to run.

Final Thoughts

With that, we have concluded our guide based on why Macbooks do not have touchscreens. If you liked reading this post and think that it helped you boost your knowledge regarding this particular topic, do share your feedback.

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