Latest iOS 16 Features for Easy Day-to-Day Activities

Latest iOS 16 Features for Easy Day-to-Day Activities

Apple recently launched iOS 16 which has offered better customizability and optimizes the device’s performance. A few features have just improved. Whereas, Apple further introduced numerous different new features to offer its users the best experience. This post will be your go-to guide in case you wish to know the best iOS 16 features. Make sure you read till the very end.

Best New iOs 16 Features

Apple Pay with Third Party Browsers

Earlier, Apple allowed payments only through its official web browser, that is, Apple Safari. However, with the recent update in its operating system, the iOS 16 features Apple pay with a third-party browser. Hence, you can even use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Thus, you don’t have to use a single browser.

Changeable Lock Screen

New iOS 16 features a changeable lock screen of your iPhone. From font color or font type, you can customize everything present on the lock screen. Apart from that, you can now also change or add widgets to your lock screen. Furthermore, you get to reposition photos stacked on your lock screen with the new updates.

Message Customization

With the new iOS 16 features, you can now use the messaging app to manage different functions. For instance, you get to use SharePlay to work with documents and spreadsheets located on your device. Rather than accessing different apps, all that is possible only from the messaging app. Along with these, you can even edit and delete the messages from your iPhone.

Contactless Payments

The latest iOS 16 features include contactless Apply pay and Apple Pay Later option. In the first option, you don’t need any extra hardware to make payments using iPhone. Rather, only the device is required. In the second option, you can break down a larger payment into smaller sections. You get six weeks to make the payment in four sections without any interest or fee.

Seamless iCloud Sharing

No matter the clash of data on the iCloud. Rather, the new iOS 16 features different folders for different media visibility. Hence, you can easily share images via iCloud which saves your storage space as well. You also get to set smart setup rules that modify your data as per dates or people in the image.

Better Family Sharing

The new iOS 16 features child account setup, device setup for kids, screen time approval via messages, and a family checklist. In short, everything related to your kids, their accounts, and devices are at your disposal with these new features.

Sharing Toggle on Camera App

You couldn’t share images from the camera app on your iPhone. However, with the latest update, you get a sharing toggle on the camera app itself. Hence, sharing your images or videos is only a few clicks away. These settings are customizable. Hence, you can further simplify the process so that you can share media instantly.

Hang Up With Siri

No need to touch your phone in case you are busy while calling a person. Rather, Siri will be at your disposal to get through the whole process. You can simply give a command to Siri to cut or hung up the call. In short, calling can be done without physically touching the device. This feature is useful not only while calling rather listening to songs or podcasts while cooking or doing other stuff.

Advanced Safety Checks

One of the most useful iOS 16 features is the Advanced Safety Checks. It is going to be a lifesaver for people struggling with domestic violence. Not just that, any other dangerous situation can be avoided by cutting access to your location. Hence, you stay hidden from potentially dangerous people which gives you time to think and execute a safe evacuation.

Wrap Up

New iOS 16 features make the latest iOS update worth installing on your devices. All these updates are going to offer you a better user experience. Moreover, contactless transactions help you get through payments without any hardware requirements.

Hence, you should install it on your iPhone or other iOS devices. Make sure you get the latest iOS only from the authorized website and not from third-party websites. With consistent usage, you will get hang of the latest iOS 16 features that might change the way you live your life over time.

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